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Author Archives: Tommy Daly

    Is Buying a Fixer Upper Worth It?

    By Tommy Daly | April 19, 2021

    Buying a home is a big goal for many people. Homeownership, though, is very expensive and comes with many costs. Coming up with a downpayment, alone, can seem like a daunting task. If you have a dream neighborhood that has an excellent school district, you may find it can be costly. Buying a fixer-upper can... Read More

    What Are Credit Scores And Why Are They Important?

    By Tommy Daly | April 8, 2021

    The word credit score is only associated with taking out a huge loan for many people, while others have never heard of the phrase before. The truth is, credit scores are soon going to affect so many parts of your life, so it is best if you stay informed. If this is your first time... Read More

    Direct Mailing

    By Tommy Daly | March 23, 2019

    While direct mailing may not yield a vast number of sales in a short period of time, it can result in a steady flow of clients listing with you because they first saw your name in a postcard or brochure that had arrived in their mailboxes. As a matter of fact, at least one realtor... Read More

    Colorado Springs Valentine’s Day Events 2019

    By Tommy Daly | January 31, 2019

    It’s hard to believe February is here in Colorado Springs. We hope you’ve had a good start to 2019, and that you’ve enjoyed all of the snow we are receiving. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to create a list of a variety of options to celebrate the occasion. You’re in luck... Read More

    Repairs or Touch-ups to Improve Value

    By Tommy Daly | January 22, 2019

    First of all, keep in mind that you don’t need a giant improvement to achieve your goal. Small improvements introduced in almost every room, including the exterior of the house is what we are aiming for. Here are some tips to get you started: Clean, clean, and clean. Nothing looks more appealing and eye-catching than... Read More

    Tips to Close your Home Purchase

    By Tommy Daly | January 3, 2019

    Most people don’t give too much thought to the homeowner’s insurance when buying a house. Big mistake! And that is because there are always things that seem more important and manage to capture your attention before this detail even crosses your mind. Well, you might get lucky, and all turns out well. Or you won’t,... Read More

    Closing Process

    By Tommy Daly | December 11, 2018

    Deciding to buy a house for the first time can prove to be quite a challenge, especially if you are not the kind of person that understands the way that financial transactions go and how the real estate market works.  Here is a short, user-friendly guide to help you find your way through the amount... Read More

    Marketing Your Home with an Open House

    By Tommy Daly | November 26, 2018

    Using an open house in order to further market your home on the market as a marketing tool will ensure that you engage potential buyers, even if no one makes an offer during the viewing. Oddly enough, there are certain practitioners who believe that open houses are an outdated custom used to placate home sellers.... Read More

    Property Purchase Anniversaries!

    By Tommy Daly | November 15, 2018

    As a token of our appreciation, we like to celebrate the closing dates of when our client became First Time Home Owners or New Home Owner. The list below shows all our clients that have closed a transaction with the Tommy Daly Home Team. Cheers too many more years and thank you for all of... Read More

    To Rent or Sell Your Vacant Home

    By Tommy Daly | November 12, 2018

    Have you ever thought whether it would be better to rent or sell a vacant home that you own? Maybe you already have someone renting this house, or you have been considering renting it to tenants, but would that really be the better choice? Deciding whether or not to sell or rent your vacant home... Read More