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    Black Forest Real Estate

    Zip Code – 80908

    Located in the Northeast part of unincorporated El Paseo County and has an Elevation of approx. 7,379ft. Livability ranked as #248 in the State, ranked #19,382 in the USA and ranks better than 33% of areas. Many homes in this area rely on well & septic for water and sewer. Ranked A+ with an Annual Crime rate as Low, Black Forest is generally for people who love tree’s & wildlife, want horses nearby or are just seeking privacy. Black Forest’s Large School Districts are Academy D-20; Residences in the Southern & Western areas, Falcon D-49; Eastern edge and Palmer D-38; North-western area. Scoring with an F in Amenities around Black Forest. With 1 Grocery store & Fitness center, 3 Food/Drink options, 0 Shopping/ Libraries/Books/Entertainment or Public Transit and 10 School choices. The Median Home Price here is $537,000.